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Samantha McChesney, MS
Personal Trainer
Group Exercise Instructor

I am here to help YOU reach your health and fitness goals!!! I have been involved in the fitness industry since I was 14 years old when I started my first job filing paper work at a Physical Therapy Clinic. Since then I have worked at the same clinic, a gym, coached cheerleading from Pop Warner to High School to All Stars, and taught strength and conditioning classes to a retirement community. My experiences have allowed me to work with people from the ages of 3 to 96 years old. 


At 7 years old I fell in love with exercise when I began playing baseball. From there I went on to play softball for 8 years. In high school I began cheerleading and continued softball. I was a varsity athlete for 10 seasons and a softball and cheerleading captain my senior year. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with an elite rugby team while studying abroad in Ireland. This experience gave me an international view of exercise.


My Bachelor's Degree is in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science and Health Fitness from Bridgewater State University. During my undergraduate, I studied Sport Science for a semester at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I received my Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Science at Lasell College. I am very passionate about continuing education and consistently stay up to date with new and current training modalities. I am currently continuing my education in a Masters of Public Administration degree at Anna Maria College.


I opened this business in hopes of fulfilling my dream of helping others become the best versions of themselves and live a long, healthy, and active lifestyle. There was a point in time when my personal medical issues had become overwhelming. Through that experience I was at the highest weight I had ever been and was unhappy with the way I looked and how I felt. I went on to lose 35 pounds through a simple change in my eating habits and a more focused approach to training. I quickly saw my confidence increase, my energy levels became much higher, and I felt as though I could achieve anything that I truly put my mind to. 


My goal is to teach my clients that living a healthy lifestyle does not need to be boring or take up a lot of time in our busy schedules. I will help you reach your goals and be that 24/7 support that you feel as though you have always needed. Allow me to help you become confident, motivated, and successful. 

-Samantha McChesney

B.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Rehabilitation Science

MPA Fire and Emergency Services- in progress

Ever since I was a little kid I have always been fascinated with exercise and sports. I have been in the fitness industry/sports performance world for over a decade. During that time I have worked with youth, high school, college, and professional athletes. A well developed fitness and nutrition program will take you to levels of happiness and self confidence some can only dream of. After leaving the world of athletics I decided to go back to school to earn my PhD in order to help people with the most current science information about how their body works and how healthy eating and exercise can be the bridge to all their goals in life. I work hard to make sure all clients understand why they are doing the things I ask them to do. Come try a class! 

B.S. Exercise Science

M.S. Strength and Conditioning

PhD Exercise Physiology

Dr. Chris Swart, CSCS
Group Exercise Instructor
Personal Trainer
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Coach Jackson Timm, CSCS, is from Sherborn, MA.  Coach Timm graduated from the Noble and Greenough School in 2012.  He went on to wrestle at Division 1 Bucknell University, where he studied cellular psychology and was a team captain his senior year.  After Bucknell, Coach Timm enlisted in the Marine Corps.  He will enter the Army’s Airborne Ranger Combat Medic pipeline in 2021.  


Coach Timm enjoys multi-modal training, including strongman, CrossFit, swimming, running, and gymnastics.  His focus is helping clients achieve their goals and develop confidence in their physical abilities by making them more durable, capable athletes.  Outside of the gym Jackson enjoys cooking, mountain biking, and volunteer work.  

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Jackson Timm, CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Personal Trainer
Challenge Fitness2.png
Kolby Ryan
Group Exercise Instructor
Personal Trainer

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